Creekside Outdoor Living
Creekside Outdoor Living

Enchanted Solitude: A Woodland Hideaway

Tucked away amidst the woods, a tranquil haven emerges, where seclusion reigns. Our designers wove a masterpiece that celebrates diversity—various pavers, hues, and textures unite in a symphony of uniqueness. Curves and intersections redefine the ordinary, lending charm to every step. Amidst this serenity, a cozy kitchenette finds its place, while outdoor lighting adds a sprinkle of magic. A gentle water feature whispers nature's song. Unbeknownst, the patio acts as a bridge, linking backdoor steps to bedroom dreams. A pocket of peace awaits—a morning cup of tea or coffee, a serene start to the day.

from the client:

"From the top of this company down to the laborers, this is a first class organization. President Mike Arnold was remarkably responsive. The incredibly talented designer showed great patience as we worked on her brilliant design. Finally, our Project Supervisor Mason led the crews who painstakingly executed that exquisite design with the skill of old world craftsmen.
Equally important, there were no surprises on price. I knew what this project would cost from the start and they stayed right on budget and on time. When they needed stone, it was there. Never once in over three weeks did this project stop for lack of material, labor or equipment.
Every step of the process was flawless. We had two levels of circular stone patios created that connected two separate composite wood decks that likewise were at different elevations. The determination of elevations was critical to this project, and it had to be coordinated with the separate contractor installing the decks, both of which were either complete redesign, or in the case of one, a brand new deck serving new patio doors off the master suite. Creekside worked diligently to both set the proper elevations and properly coordinate with the deck contractor to make sure the stone met the deck stairs perfectly. They also built a grill island, helped create a stunning water feature, and finally installed beautiful landscape lighting
Simply said, Creekside transformed our home both front and back, as they also did a “front entry makeover”, once again calling upon the great design team to create another masterpiece. It is stunning.
Simply put, we could not be more pleased. Five stars are not enough."
-Ed Spelde, posted to Facebook 10/22/19

Valparaiso, IN | 2019



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