Prayer Request

When COVID 19 was first introduced to our nation and people were living in fear and uncertainty, we wanted to do something.  We didn't have unlimited resources to donate to people in need, but we had a faith in Jesus Christ that we believed could move mountains, or at minimum give hope and peace.  So, what we offered our community was our commitment to pray - broadly and specifically.  People began taking our offer seriously, and submitting their prayer requests to this site.

What began as something in response to COVID has continued to be something we take joy in doing for people in any phase of life, for any reason or circumstance.  We pray.

Please enter your prayer request and know that we are joining with you in prayer. You can enter your name, or type “anonymous”. If you like, you can type in your email and we will let you know we’ve received it. Any and all information will be kept private amongst the handful of us committed to praying for you.

  • If you'd rather remain anonymous, just type "Anonymous"
  • This information is kept private among our team and will not be shared outside of our prayer room.
  • God bless you in your time of need.