Creekside Outdoor Living
Creekside Outdoor Living

Curb appeal

In this transformative project, we bid farewell to an unsightly concrete front porch and a deteriorating walkway leading to the street. The entire space underwent a remarkable facelift as we meticulously removed the old, lackluster concrete and introduced a more refined solution.

The new design features a visually appealing paver landing just outside the front door, creating a warm and welcoming entrance.  We also constructed a paver walkway that extends all the way to the street. The result is not just an upgrade but a complete metamorphosis, turning an eyesore into a showcase of elegance and functionality.

from the client:

"Creekside tore down our old front walkway and steps, and built fabulous new ones! The photo of their work speaks for itself. Very professional and timely. We now use them for our lawn care too!"

-Teresa Mullins, posted to Houzz 5/27/21

valparaiso | 2020