Creekside Outdoor Living
Creekside Outdoor Living

Paver blend city

You MUST watch the video to the right!

In this project, we transformed a mundane concrete patio into something extraordinary. The highlight is a meticulously designed pavilion seamlessly connected to the house. Crafted to perfectly complement the existing colors and conditions of the home, it blends in as though it's an original part of the house. Inside the pavilion, a mounted TV adds entertainment value.

The paver patio, a work of art in itself, features three distinct main body paver types delineating different living spaces. One for the general area connecting to the house, hottub, and walkway, a second in the firepit space, and a third beneath the pavilion. Completing the design, a walkway gracefully loops around to the front driveway, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

from the client:

"Mike and his team did an excellent job on our outdoor living area!"

-Lee Muhleman, posted to Facebook 1/26/24

valparaiso | 2021