Creekside Outdoor Living
Creekside Outdoor Living


From blah to the party house for all of your friends. This backyard design has the swimming pool at an angle to the house, but parallel to the fence line. Kitchen area boasts a beautiful grill, multiple storage areas, a refrigerator, and electrical outlets.

Fun fact about this project, we exceeded the total impervious square footage ratio allotment for the property, but got around it by making the fire pit area a permeable paver. Yes, that's right, water flows directly through the pavers you see around the fire pit.

Batavia, IL | 2022

What we installed:

  • Pool Deck
  • Paver Patio
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Retaining Wall
  • Natural Firepit
  • Kitchen
  • Plantings
  • Lighting