Creekside Outdoor Living
Creekside Outdoor Living

Mayfair Way

This project involved deconstructing an old wood deck that limited the use of the backyard. After detailed discussions between client and design team, we created a multi-use outdoor living space that is beyond appealing. Outside the back door, we have a landing and steps adorned by two raised planters. Stepping down to the main raised patio, the client has ample space for dining. Instead of having a raised wall at the end of the raised patio, we have a planting bed. To the left, we step down to the walkway connected to the driveway, and to the right, we step down to an area to enjoy a beautiful color changing, "disappearing" waterfall.

Munster, IN | Project Year: 2017

What We Built:

  • Deck deconstruction
  • Paver Patio
  • Walkway
  • Raised Planters
  • Water Feature
  • Plantings
  • Outdoor Lighting


PAVERS - All Techo-Bloc

-Blu Grande (Slate & Smooth) HD

-Industria (Onyx/Beige Cream/Greyed Nickel) - 600x100W

WALLS/STEPS - All Techo-Bloc

-Brandon Wall

-Raffinato Cap

-Raffinato Steps

Creekside landscaping did a phenominal job on giving us a backyard we now want to spend all of our time in. When looking to re-do our backyard and rip out our deck we consulted with MANY landscaping companies. Creekside was the only one to not only present us with a 3-D image/video of what we could expect with them, but also to make a plan that we couldn't have imagined ourselves while playing into our personalities and all the things we had mentioned would be nice. Their design team is extremely talented and from the moment we saw what our backyard could look like, we knew it needed to look like what they showed us. The on-site crew was also very talented, professional, and worked with us to modify the project as needed during implementation. They were patient, knowledgable, and patient. With any hiccups that came along in our project, Creekside as a whole tried to make sure we were informed and happy customers. Their customer service is really great and even after the completed project, we are still able to contact them and ask for help on how to winterize our fountain. I truly do not think another landscaping service could deliver the way they did. With that, I would recommend them if you are looking for innovative design, craftsmanship, and service. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars